Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Free: News Release Template for #HIMSS15 Vendors

I’ve been seeing and receiving a lot of news releases in the last couple weeks. They all seem to read the same and repeat the same fluffy phrases and boring exec-speak. With all due respect to marketing experts who must know way more than me, do people even read these things anymore? They seem so 80’s. (Frankly I wonder why some of these firms are sending them to me.)

So if you’re thinking of sending out a news release, I’ve put together a template to speed the creation of your news release. All you need to do is supply seven simple data points and you'll have what 98% of the universe of vendors usually provide in their press releases.


Want to stand out from the crowd? Then don’t use this template but provide some real information of value in your news release.

The Template

[City] [Date] /PRNewswire/ [INSERT COMPANY NAME] is excited to announce it will be attending the HIMSS 2015 conference – bringing its [INSERT PRODUCT OR SERVICE NAME] to the exhibit floor for the 2015 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition in Chicago from April 12-16, 2015. The firm is proud to be an exhibitor at this annual event that helps health IT professionals find the right solutions for their organizations. [INSERT COMPANY NAME] will be at Booth [INSERT BOOTH #] from April 13-15. 

"We're thrilled to be a part of HIMSS15. The conference brings together an outstanding group of organizations and industry experts to discuss how we can improve healthcare in this country. [INSERT COMPANY NAME] is looking forward to attending and sharing our own experiences and successes in the area of health IT," said [INSERT BIG SHOT NAME HERE], [INSERT LOFTY TITLE OF BIG SHOT HERE].

More than 38,000 healthcare industry professionals are expected to attend HIMSS 2015 to discuss health IT issues and view innovative solutions designed to transform healthcare. Conference education sessions include preconference symposia on clinical and business analytics, HIEs, innovation, mobile health, nursing informatics, physicians' IT and more. More than 300 peer-reviewed sessions, including workshops and roundtables, round out education offerings at HIMSS15.


[INSERT COMPANY NAME] is a global firm that delivers unique value, relevant big ideas and strategic business capabilities to clients around the world. The firm solves complex business problems for clients in multiple industries through an integrated approach and offers specialty services and any products you could possibly need. If you want it, we got it. 

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