Saturday, March 21, 2015

The @HITConfGuy Conference Monitoring Service

As promised, I'm offering the first 100 people who followed the @HITConfGuy account a set of information monitoring services for the 2015 HIMSS Conference in Chicago. These services are free with no obligation* and are described below. As a member of the First 100 Followers, you can choose to receive all services or a subset of these services.

What @HITConfGuy Will Do for His 1st 100 Followers

1. Media Monitoring Services

    a. Monitor up to 4 specific topics of your choice
    b. Monitor up to 4 specific vendors
    c. Monitor up to 2 specific products or services

Twitter, blogs, newsfeeds, and other electronic media sources will be monitored using words, phrases and hashtags describing the topics, vendors and products/services you’ve selected. At the end of each day of the conference, I’ll email you a report containing all of the findings on the topics, vendors and products or services you’ve noted.

2. Breaking Conference News Notification

Before I tweet or post to this blog, I’ll text or email you about any trending topics, interesting happenings, special offers, and other things I learn about during the conference.

3. Daily Summary of Top 20 Tweets

I’ll provide you with a daily summary of the top 20 tweets from the conference before they’re posted to my blog the following morning.

4. Exhibit Locator Service

Can’t find a specific vendor exhibit? Email or text me and I’ll do my best to get you directions.

5. Share Select Info from my Information Archives

At the end of the conference, I'll share select information (whitepapers, blog posts, surveys, studies, and other miscellaneous content) on the specific topics, vendors and/or products & services you’ve identified - from my extensive, personal library of healthcare and information technology topics.

6. Compilation of Conference Tweets

After the conference ends, I’ll send you a CSV/Excel file containing all tweets from the conference; parsed with select metadata in discrete fields. You’ll be able to review and massage all the tweets from the conference afterwards.

Here’s What I Need from You

1. Your Twitter handle and full name.
2. If applicable, your company name.
3. An email address.
4. Your mobile phone number (if you want certain information sent via text message – like that provided in services #2 & #4 above)

Send your information to my email address.

Note: If providing both email address and mobile phone number, indicate whether you’d like information from services #2 & #4 sent to your email, your mobile phone or both. Information related to all other services will be sent to email.

Further Note: I won't share any of your information with anyone.

Once I receive the above information, I'll then need:

5. Completion of a survey to collect the specific topics, vendors and products/services you’d like to have monitored. I'll email this survey on Wednesday, April 1st - No fooling!

Note: Participation in this service will be closed on Tuesday, March 31st so please provide the information noted in items #1 through 4 above by then.

That’s All @HITConfGuy Followers!

I feel these are valuable services that will help you leverage what the HIMSS conference has to offer. If you want to participate, be sure to respond by end of day March 31st, 2015. 

For those of you who aren't currently following @HITConfGuy, you may want to do so as I'll be sharing more info and you never know how following me may provide other benefits like the above. 

* You didn't think there'd not be some sort of legal disclaimer, did you? To be sure, these services are subject to change and I reserved the right to cancel the offering, expand the offering, and decide who or who may not receive the services. That said I am doing this in good faith, fully expect to provide what I state above and hope it provides some value.

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