Saturday, March 14, 2015

More Tips for Connecting with New People at HIMSS

Here are some more ideas to help you generate the most value and fun from your conference attendance.

Skip the Keynote!

Unless you can't think of anything better to do, skip the keynote. You’ll spend more time waiting around than listening to the keynote. You can listen to the keynote online later on. Or catch the highlights on Twitter.

Deal with Lines When You Must

You can’t get away from lines. So you may as well embrace them. Chat it up with those around you. Consider this: Out of the hundreds of sessions at this conference, you and your “line-mates” have chosen what’s at the end of this particular conference line you’re waiting in. There’s your ice-breaker.

There’s No Place Like Home

Establish a home base at the conference center to which you can retreat at any given time. A centralized spot or a random seating area off on the perimeter can be a much-needed refuge from the madness.

Buddy Up with a “Wing-Person”

Hunters and gatherers often roam in packs to maximize opportunity; and they join and leave groups as specific needs evolve. Be a hunter or a gatherer at the conference: consider hooking up – for 10 minutes or 2 hours - with one or more people you meet as you roam the conference.

Reach Out to Speakers and Presenters

Make even the smallest effort to connect with the speakers and presenters. If you arrive early and see someone milling around at the front of a room, it’s probably a speaker or support person. Go ahead and introduce yourself. During the session, tweet a question or comment at the presenter. Thank them afterwards.

More to Come!

The HIMSS Conference is a great opportunity to expand your network and sphere of knowledge. For more tips and information on the 2015 HIMSS Conference in Chicago, consider following me on Twitter.

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